Lote Tree Poetry Membership

    1. Welcome - Poetry Lessons

    2. The Qasidah Ode & Classical Arabic Prosody

    3. Poetry at the Time of the Prophet ﷺ – From the Golden Odes to the First Poets of Islam

    4. Early Sufi Poets: The Eternal & the Ephemeral Poetry Writing Workshop

    5. Ramadan with Rumi - The First Ten Days - Mercy

    6. Ramadan with Rumi - The Second Ten Days - Forgiveness

    7. Ramadan with Rumi - The Last Ten Days - Salvation

    8. Ramadan Ghazal Writing Workshop

    9. A History of Palestinian Resistance Poetry

    1. Welcome - Poetry Prompts

    2. POETRY PROMPT: Sumūd - Endurance & Steadfastness

    3. POETRY PROMPT: Qasīdah - Quest & Aspiration

    4. POETRY PROMPT: Ramadan Ghazal - Mercy, Forgiveness & Salvation

    5. POETRY PROMPT: Early Sufi Poets - the Eternal & the Ephemeral

    1. Submission Guidelines and Terms & Conditions

    2. Submissions: Ṣumūd - Endurance and Steadfastness

    3. Submissions: Qaṣīdah - Quest and Aspiration

    4. Submissions: Ramadan Ghazal - Mercy, Forgiveness and Salvation

    5. Subimissions: Early Sufi Poetry - The Eternal & the Ephemeral

    1. Welcome - Online Open Mic Events

    2. Live Event - Ramadan Online Open Mic Saturday 30th March 7pm GMT

    3. Live Event - April Online Open Mic Saturday 27th April 7pm GMT

    1. Welcome - Poetry Community

  • £5.99 / month
  • Poetry Lessons
  • Poetry Prompts & Submissions
  • Online Open Mic Events & Poetry Community Space

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  • Poetry Lessons

    Explore the poetic traditions of the Islamic world with us from a faith-based perspective, from Hassan Ibn Thabit to Rumi and Iqbal… Our first lesson was on the history of Palestinian resistance poetry, including the symbolism of the Palestinian concept of ṣumūd (endurance, steadfastness) which comes from the same root as the Name al-Ṣamad - the Everlasting, the Self-Sufficient, on Whom all creation depends.

  • Poetry Prompts and Submissions

    Monthly prompts to inspire your writing. If you would like to you can also submit your poems for consideration to be included in our next Muslim Voices in Contemporary Poetry anthology planned for 2024/2025 .

  • Online Open Mics & Poetry Community

    Join us online to recite your poems - or read something from a favourite poet and listen to others perform their work at our online open mic events, and join our poetry community space where you can discuss all things poetry with other members.

What our members say...

“A poetry home: A sanctuary, a safe space for reciting, learning, appreciating, writing and sharing verses. A space I have long yearned for and have been most grateful to find. - The Lote Tree press’ monthly poetry classes and workshops are an excellent way of learning about poetry from across the Muslim world. It is rare to find a space that approaches the tradition wholistically (rather than focusing on a specific era or region). The spiritual verses discussed help me develop my own sense of comprehension and spirituality - a benefit that goes beyond the poetry itself. ”

– Muniba M

“The workshops give us a chance to write to the ongoing theme of the month, which is a wonderful way of keeping old poetic traditions alive as well as developing my own craft. - Finally, hearing a diverse set of poetry from other members in the open mic and having a chance to share mine and receive feedback, is a beautiful way of connecting through poetry, and expanding the breadth of poetry which I typically get to read and hear - Muslim writers often have a unique style of writing (in terms of content and themes) and it’s not always easy to find a space that nurtures that, connecting our tradition with our present day poetry circumstances - and I’m truly grateful to have found a place that does just that.”

– Muniba M

“I love how Lote Tree Press presents monthly themes, sharing deep references and resources to understand the context of subject and history of poetry. Lote Tree Press Open Mics are a welcoming and safe space to share developing work or final pieces and learn and appreciate the work of others. There is a lot of creative energy in the gatherings.”

– Wajiha K

“This is a unique space and listening to the poetry is a beautiful reminder of the long tradition of poetry in the Islamic world. The right words at the right time can move the heart and fill it with new strength. These poems are moving and connect me to a long tradition which is like finding water in the desert of social media. Much research and dedication have gone into the design and presentation of the works. The website is easy to access and watching the videos whenever possible is so helpful. I am grateful to Rabia for doing this work and am happy to have signed up.”

Nura T

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